Visualize Your Architecture – 5 Tips for effective Tech Leads

Image of: Visualise Your Architecture

Visualize Your Architecture - 5 Tips for effective Tech Leads. The inspiration for this article comes from this article by Patrick Kua from Thoughtworks. Patrick raises five great points about Tech leadership. I can affirm what he says as … [Read more...]

Visualization Techniques: Making A Difference

Image of an Overview of an Data Visualization

In this blog post I will look at Visualization techniques that have made and are making a difference along with changing how we do things. Let's start with a couple of stories from history and see how visualization techniques impacted major … [Read more...]

Visualising Information Technology

Hi and welcome to 2015, I want to share some thoughts and examples of technology visualisations and some background to visualising information technology but before I start I want to share a story. In 1986 we moved to Queensland. We were young, … [Read more...]