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Segway personal transport and tourism

Hey, we’re heading out later this year to Europe and I found out you could hire a Segway for personal transport and tourism in some European cities.

The idea came while going through Trip Advisor, a great source for trip planning. It occurred to me that we could use a Segway, a cool technology, to get around and see a lot more.

After thinking “this is a cool idea” I checked out the local Segway Tours in Canberra, rang them and made a booking.

Here’s a little video I put together from my Segway Cam!

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube]

First Impressions: We had a small tutorial and after five minutes you get an idea of how they work:

  • You step up on the Segway, gently lean forward and it moves forward.
  • Lean back and it slows down or comes to a stop.
  • Turn the handle left or right, and it turns in that direction; and that’s it.

The instructors at Seg Glide ride  at Canberra said they can go a couple of hours on a charge.

When you’re riding along you certainly get a few looks. A Segway certainly has a certain Wow factor to onlookers.

After the ride, I found the soles of my feet sore, obviously they need more exercise :-).

Afterwards, a cup of coffee at Questacon and a debrief with our friends.

Think about the personal transport possibilities if you live in near to your work?

Here’s a couple of ads to show you what they cost.

Based on the prices above, consider the travel time, the cost of ownership, the parking.

I reckon its got a lot of possibilities in the future. What do you think? Would love to hear your comments.

Now I’m looking forward to using one on our European trip.

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