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Why I opted out of Social media for a while

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This guy knows how to opt out!

When life gets busy as it sometimes does, it’s time to turn off the technology and opt out for a while, in this case for me it was opting out of social media for a short time. I’ve done this several times in different areas of life and it’s been great.

I’ve been helping out in a role for around 6 months that has limited my time for social media.

What it has done is this:

  1. Allowed me the ability to focus on what I’m doing, the main task
  2. Allowed me the ability to engage with people more intimately, currently I’m helping people establish a vision for their technology future
  3. Maximise my time on the focused task.

Jim Stogdill (@jimstogdill) wrote an article which appeared on http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2012/08/my-paleo-media-diet/ that explained his reasons for going on a media diet. My interpretation of the article is:

  1. He was getting nothing done
  2. He needed to change his dietary habit, it seems there was a connection with lots of Sugar and Social media, obviously lots of coffee and other yummies.
  3. Change his thinking about life and the impacts of technology and be more counter culture to our current way of life.

A great article to read.

Whatever the plan, it’s OK to opt out for a while and  not have the pressure and expectations of being in every social channel.

I’m just getting back into social media and gauging how much time I can spend listening and contributing in the conversation.

I’m looking at changes in lifestyle and use of technology effectively to make my social media experience seamless, however, be a positive contributor to those who follow me and learn from those who I follow, their positive input into my social media experience.



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