Things I’ve learnt being an IT Services Contractor

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I’ve been providing Professional IT Services for some time and I’ve listed some observations about contracting.

Here are several things I’ve discovered over the last 22 years in working in IT industry.

  1.  You get unique opportunities presented to you that have to be solved
  2.  You get to reorganise Chaos
  3. Where there is chaos there is money to be made
  4. People call you because you are considered the expert
  5. You get to surf the waves of change and navigate a way through to the next wave
  6. You can rise above the politics to see the bigger and better picture
  7. You offer services that others can’t offer
  8. You get to take greater risks for greater gains
  9. You rise above the uncertainty of others to give stability
  10. When your contract finishes you get to an opportunity to be either re-instated, re-deployed, or find another opportunity

Each time a job has come to end I’ve pulled out this list and reminded myself of these 10 points. It makes it better when moving on.

What are your take aways from your job or role? I’d love to hear your comments.



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Chris Mundy