Don’t photocopy personal information at work

Photocopier Hi,

Did you know that there are a lot of photocopiers with hard disks? A lot of businesses usually lease a photocopier so they don’t get left with old equipment, after a couple of years they re-lease a new photocopier. Here’s a couple of questions.

Q. Did you use the photocopier at work?

Q. Did you copy some personal information on the copier, say a bank statement, a tax file number, something that personally identifies you?

Q. Did the business delete the data on the hard disk before they returned the machine?

Q. What happened to machine after the lease and it’s been returned?

Sometimes old photocopiers get re-sold, sometimes they get dismantled, so you have to hope that before it left the business’s premises, someone remembered to erase the hard disk.

Here are two interesting articles that were published earlier this year that should make you think twice about copying your personal information on the business photocopier.–high-tech-copy-machines-a-gold-mine-for-data-thieves

Think again before you use the copier at work.

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Chris Mundy