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Chris likes helping out people with IT stuff. In the last couple of years he has been working in the web environment on large enterprise and small to medium size business sites.

He specialises in web sites, design and content management systems.

In his years in IT he has been

  • A subject matter expert in Asset Management Systems,
  • Specialist in IT diagramming,
  • Powerpoint egg-head, designer and presenter
  • Currently specialising in Enterprise Content Management Systems and websites for small to medium enterprises

He was born, grew up and educated in Sydney, Australia. He spent the first 9 years of his working life in general engineering as a tradesman and designer which gave him a foundation for thinking and conceptualisation.

In 1986 a friend said, “have you seen my commodore 64”?. Well the rest was history, that’s when he learnt to ride the IT wave.

In 1987 he and his bride moved to Canberra, Australia’s capital, to give it a try for five years. Since moving there, three girls joined the family, a couple of dogs and a bunch of friends.

In 1988 he was on a major national project and he asked someone for some engineering information. From that conversation he had a light-bulb moment  and found a way to cut down his project time using a database. From that opportunity he became a subject matter expert in Asset and Maintenance Management systems and travelled overseas implementing and training people how to use these systems to maintain things from plant and equipment to facilities.

After that he got involved with large enterprise computing system.

His past lives have found Chris working as Pharmacy deliverer, Fitter Machinist, Engineering Design Draftsman, Garbage/Trash Collector, Bus and Coach Driver, Youth Pastor, Forestry Worker, Data Collector, Systems Implementer, Software Engineer, Project Manager, Enterprise Architecture Draftsman, Intranet Web Master/Developer, Quality Improvement guy, and Microsoft SharePoint Idea’s man.

In 2001 Charles Sturt University awarded him a Graduate diploma in IT to check to see he had an idea what he was talking about.

In 2003 he followed one of those dumb advertisements on a website, which made him want to find out more about Internet marketing. From there, he wrote down his ideas and couple years later Warwick Stuart Pty. Ltd. was born. He also managed to sell his brother-in-law on the ‘sizzle’ for these crazy schemes before there was any steak!

When it comes to IT system, he is very agnostic, however, the last two years has seen the Mac arsenal building as it improves his productivity.

His interests include:

  • Motorcycling (dangerous stuff)
  • Snow Skiing (really dangerous stuff)
  • Photography and Video (mildly dangerous and embarrising)
  • Writing (Really, really dangerous, handle with care!)
  • Listening to Podcasts
  • Reading

To find out more, visit the other pages on this site. He also has one of those detailed things called  a CV. If you need a copy use the contact chris page and he’ll send you a copy.

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Chris Mundy